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The Utah House of Representatives’ Blog

In his 1981 Inaugural Address, President Ronald Reagan expressed not only the hopes and aspirations of the American people, but the many sacrifices necessary to preserve and protect them. Some excerpts:

“Freedom and the dignity of the individual have been more available and assured here than in any other place on earth. The price for this freedom at times has been high, but we have never been unwilling to pay that price. …

“As for the enemies of freedom, those who are potential adversaries, they will be reminded that peace is the highest aspiration of the American people. We will negotiate for it, sacrifice for it; we will not surrender for it--now or ever. Our forbearance should never be misunderstood. Our reluctance for conflict should not be misjudged as a failure of will. When action is required to preserve our national security, we will act. We will maintain sufficient strength to prevail if need be, knowing that if we do so, we have the best chance of never having to use that strength.

“Above all we must realize that no arsenal or no weapon in the arsenals of the world is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today's world do not have. It is a weapon that we as Americans do have. Let that be understood by those who practice terrorism and prey upon their neighbors.

“… We are a nation under God, and I believe God intended for us to be free. It would be fitting and good, I think, if on each inaugural day in future years it should be declared a day of prayer.

“… On the far shore [of the Potomac River are] the sloping hills of Arlington National Cemetery, with its row upon row of simple white markers bearing crosses or Stars of David. They add up to only a tiny fraction of the price that has been paid for our freedom.

“Each one of those markers is a monument to the kind of hero I spoke of earlier. Their lives ended in places called Belleau Wood, the Argonne, Omaha Beach, Salerno, and halfway around the world on Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Pork Chop Hill, the Chosin Reservoir, and in a hundred rice paddies and jungles of a place called Vietnam.

“Under one such a marker lies a young man, Martin Treptow, who left his job in a small town barber shop in 1917 to go to France with the famed Rainbow Division. There, on the Western front, he was killed trying to carry a message between battalions under heavy fire. We're told that on his body was found a diary. On the flyleaf under the heading, “My Pledge,” he had written these words:

‘America must win this war. Therefore, I will work; I will save; I will sacrifice; I will endure; I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost, as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.’”

We are grateful, especially as we reflect today, for those who have given all as they too have taken this challenge to work, save, sacrifice, endure and do their utmost to preserve the very freedoms that lay at the heart of this nation.
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This Memorial Day, the Utah House of Representatives remember all of the men and women who lost their lives in service to our country. We honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms. ... See MoreSee Less

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Happening now: the House is now hearing #SB2001 Public Education Appropriation Restorations. This bill supplements or reduces appropriations previously provided for the use and support of state government for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2016 and ending June 30, 2017 by restoring appropriations vetoed by the Governor. #utleg #utpol #uted #education #utah #House ... See MoreSee Less

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Happening now: the House is debating #HCR201 Concurrent Resolution Opposing Unilateral Use of the Antiquities Act. This concurrent resolution expresses strong opposition to the designation of a new national monument in the state without local input and state legislative approval. #utleg #utpol #bearsears #nationalmonument #utah #House #Saltlake #floordebate ... See MoreSee Less

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The Utah Legislature recognized 36 students at the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program. Congratulation students on your achievement! ... See MoreSee Less

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Navajo Tribal members, Rep. Keven J. Stratton, Rep. Noel and the governor gathered on the Capitol steps to voice support for the Concurrent Resolution, Opposing Unilateral Use of the Antiquities Act.

“Utah shouldn’t have another national monument, unilaterally created and without legislative approval or local input from those who will be most affected by this decision,” said Rep. Keven Stratton. “Utah already has seven national monuments and five national parks and the creation of yet another monument could exacerbate the lack of economic development and opportunity that already exists in one of Utah’s most economically distressed regions.”

Utah currently has seven national monuments and five national parks, and a monument designation of the Bear Ears area would nearly double the two million acres already established for national monuments in Utah.
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Navajo Tribal members, Rep. @[362024973841205:274:Keven J. Stratton], Rep. Noel and the governor gathered on the Capitol steps to voice support for the Concurrent Resolution, Opposing Unilateral Use o...

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